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The key to your child’s future is in your hands

Selecting a college and choosing that first job after graduation are two of the most important choices your child will make in their lifetime. These decisions create a foundation for everything that follows.

Kara Neary | Educated Choices

You have the power to unlock a beautiful, happy, successful future for your children by guiding them to make educated choices at critical turning points like this one. However, you don’t have to do it all alone.

I’m Kara Neary, founder of Educated Choices. I work with parents like you who want to give their children every opportunity to succeed.

I take the stress out of college and career planning for your family while helping your student create a more fulfilling experience.

College Prep

So much of the college application stress comes from not understanding how the process works. Allow me to serve as your guide at every step of the way. TELL ME MORE.

Career Prep

It takes more than an internship or two to get a great job these days. I work with students and their families to help them make the most of their college experience and use it as a competitive advantage when selecting their first job. Let me to do the same for you. SHOW ME HOW.

Advantage Consulting

There may be a time when all you really need is a quick answer to a pressing question. That’s where Advantage Consulting sessions come in. These 90-minute sessions are perfect when you need to bounce ideas off of someone who truly understands the process and can provide your family with targeted and tested advice.

In this laser-focused session, we will focus on your specific questions and any challenge that may be holding up your child’s application process. You walk away from the session call armed with a packet of information that goes through the process step by step, providing you with all the information you need to help your child move through the process smoothly.


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Our families love Kara. Her number one priority is making sure teens and their parents know their options, have a roadmap, and get the support they need to end up at a college that fits the student’s academics AND heart. We at Pacific Learning Academy have been so impressed with the value that Kara brings to families, and the respect she has for our students and their parents. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed with Kara on your side!- Kirsten O’Malley, Owner, Pacific Learning Academy

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